Article on how to know about auditions


1. Finding a Talent Agent or Manager

  • Asking for a reference : Asking your friends, colleagues, known people with agents, ask them to also pass your information.
    1. Send them copies of the headshots, resume and videos to pass along to their reps.
    2. If you don’t have anyone from this background, try to find a local community of actors and connect with them. They would help you get your video and shots to the respective person.
  • Acting in plays, local films or commercials : Even if you are a volunteer or low paying, or have some experience in school activities, you might get noticed by any agent.
    1. Try to use every opportunity that comes along. Whether it is a play, drama, student film, documentary or a commercial, etc.
    2. If you are talented enough, you will definitely get a chance to showcase your talent.
  • Finding contacts through social media : Different social platforms like YouTube, Face book, Twitter, can help in providing exposure through friends, family, and business networks.
    1. You have to be very careful when you are trying to approach an agent over social media.
    2. You shouldn’t be overconfident and desperate.
    3. Try to engage with an agent by participating in conversations showing your content and interests.
  • Going to an agent workshop : Sometimes, agent holds the auditions in search of new talent.
    1. Try to be prepared before hand as these auditions are highly competitive.
    2. Try to stand out from the crowd by showing your talent. Don’t be too arrogant or odd.
    3. Presentation matters, so always well dressed and professional.
  • Lining up a meeting with an agent : As soon as you made a contact and get to know the agent, try to fix an in person meeting.
    1. Be prepared with your experiences and interests.
    2. Try to convince the agent about your worth.
  • Hire an agent or manager : It will help finding auditions or castings happening near your place.
    1. You have to pay 10-20% of your salary to the hired agent, depending on whether you are a Union Actor or not.
    2. Hiring any agent or manager doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to get work.
    3. Always remember to read contracts with agents and managers before signing them.
    4. You will be referred for auditions as per your interests and recommend you to the directors and filmmakers.

2. Finding Auditions on Your Own

  • Use your own contacts : Ask your friends, teachers, colleagues from acting background if they know about any upcoming projects in your area.
    1. This can be a best resource.
    2. A teacher or an acting coach will know what your area of interests is and can give you respective contacts.
    3. Also, your professional network will be able to recommend you to different casting directors, agents and filmmakers.
  • Try out some casting calls : Try to check local newspapers, websites, TV, radios and elsewhere.
    1. Be aware of posts on various websites for casting calls for shows and other projects.
    2. Look for theater auditions and castings in theater magazines or local newspapers.
    3. Look for big auditions in major newspapers. It’s better to try your luck in large metropolitan cities with big entertainment industries.
  • Use social media : Social Platforms like Face book is a great place for getting auditions.
    1. Event pages are a good resource for film, TV and theater auditions. They often announce casting calls and auditions.
    2. Look for agent pages or project pages on Facebook.
    3. Casting calls can also be found on Twitter and Craigslist.
  • Creating an account on audition websites : Visit different sites, sign up and post your best head shots.
    1. Example of these sites includes ExploreTalent, Acting Modelling, Backstage
    2. Make sure to update your profile with detailed and multiple headshots.
    3. You will receive emails or alerts whenever a project has requirement or open casting for a part.
  • Contact your local film office:
    1. This can be an excellent idea for searching for auditions & casting calls.
    2. Local film office advertises for extras for almost all films.
    3. They keep list of current projects, permits and contacts which can help you in doing some more research and connecting to casting directors.
    4. The local film office might also offer some information on acting classes and workshops that will allow you to practice.

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